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  • For all our prospective clients, we highly recommend scheduling consultation with us. We offer consultations over the phone, Zoom, or in person, whichever is most convenient for you. During the consultation, we'll chat about your vision for the session, any specific requirements you might have, and answer any questions you might have about the process. Please keep in mind that while online and phone consultations are complimentary, in-person consultations will require a mileage/transportation fee, which will be based on your desired location.

  • We require a non-refundable retainer fee of 40% of the total session cost to secure the session date and time. This fee is necessary to cover administrative costs and to ensure that we can reserve the time slot for the client.

  • The remaining balance of the session cost will be due on the day of the session. We accept various forms of payment, including Zelle, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, or Apple Pay.

  • If a client needs to reschedule their session for any reason, we'll do our best to accommodate their request. However, the retainer fee is non-refundable in this case.

  • We understand that unexpected things can happen, so we're happy to work with clients to find a solution that works for everyone. If a client needs to cancel their session entirely, we'll do our best to find another client to take their place. If we're successful in doing so, we'll refund the client's retainer fee. However, if we're unable to find another client to take their place, the retainer fee is non-refundable.


As a professional photography business, King's Eye Visuals is committed to ensuring that our clients' images are protected and used appropriately. To that end, we have established the following image file policy:


  • Ownership: All images taken by King's Eye Visuals are the property of our company. We retain the right to use these images for promotional and marketing purposes, including but not limited to social media posts, website galleries, and printed materials.

  • Image Delivery: All images will be delivered to the client in digital format, unless otherwise requested. We will provide the client with a link to an online gallery, where they can download their images. The client is responsible for downloading and backing up their images in a timely manner.

  • Image Usage: The client is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the images for personal or business purposes. However, the client may not sell, license, or otherwise transfer the images to a third party without our written permission. If the client wishes to use the images for commercial purposes, they must obtain a commercial license from us.

  • Image Retention: We retain the right to keep all images on file for a minimum of one year, in case the client needs additional copies or if we need to use the images for promotional purposes. After one year, we may delete the images from our servers, unless otherwise requested by the client.

  • Image Alteration: The client may not alter or manipulate the images without our written permission. This includes but is not limited to cropping, changing colors, or adding filters. If the client wishes to make any alterations to the images, they must obtain our written permission beforehand.

  • Image Editing & Delivery: Image proofs are watermarked images used to allow clients to choose which images they would like retouched. Final retouched images will be returned to clients in 7 - 14 business days from the day you make your selections. This does not include the weekends and Holidays.

  • Unedited Images: Any client that wants the unedited images (unwatermarked) from their shoot can purchase them for $100, these images will be delivered in the highest quality jpeg format.

  • Final Retouches: All final retouches will be edited with King’s Eye Visuals signature editing style. Please do consider that you are booking us based on our unique editing and shooting style. If there is something you would like changed, please let us know, and we will try to accommodate.

We hope that this policy provides our clients with a clear understanding of how we handle their images. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


At King's Eye Visuals, we recognize that unforeseen events or circumstances may require the cancellation or rescheduling of a photography session. We want our clients to be aware of our cancellation policy, which includes the following guidelines:


  • Cancellation or Rescheduling by Client:

If for any reason the client needs to cancel or reschedule their photography session, they must notify King's Eye Visuals at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled session. If the client fails to notify us within 48 hours of their scheduled session, the client will forfeit their deposit.

  • Cancellation or Rescheduling by King's Eye Visuals:

If for any reason King's Eye Visuals needs to cancel or reschedule a photography session, we will notify the client as soon as possible. In the event that we need to cancel a session, the client will be refunded their deposit in full.

  • Inclement Weather:

In the event of inclement weather, King's Eye Visuals will work with the client to reschedule the session at a mutually agreed upon date and time. If the session cannot be rescheduled, the client will be refunded their deposit in full.


At King's Eye Visuals, we understand that circumstances can arise that require a cancellation or rescheduling of a photography session. We strive to be as flexible and accommodating as possible while also ensuring that our clients understand our policies.


At King's Eye Visuals maintains a high level of professionalism and respect, and we hold our clients to the same standards during photo shoots. We have put in place a photo shoot etiquette policy to ensure a successful and positive experience for all parties involved. The following guidelines are to be followed:


  • Respect the photographer: Our photographers are professionals who strive to provide you with the best possible service. Please treat them with respect and follow their directions during the shoot.

  • Be on time: We understand that schedules can change, but please do your best to arrive on time for your scheduled photo shoot. This will allow us to maximize the time we have together and ensure that we can deliver the best possible results. We implement a 15-minute grace period before a late fee of $25 is charged. If a client has not contacted us within 30 minutes of the session via text, phone call, or direct message on Instagram, the session will be cancelled, and the deposit will not be refunded. To reschedule or book a new shoot, a new deposit must be paid.

  • Dress appropriately: Dress in a way that is suitable for the type of shoot you are doing. If you're not sure what to wear, ask the photographer for guidance.

  • Be prepared: If you have any specific ideas or requests for your shoot, please communicate them with the photographer beforehand. Additionally, make sure you have everything you need for the shoot, including any necessary clothing or props.

  • Be courteous to others: If you are participating in a group photo shoot, please be respectful of other members and their time. Do not monopolize the photographer's attention and be patient while others have their turn in front of the camera.

  • Keep distractions to a minimum: As all sessions are timed sessions, we urge clients to keep distractions to the minimum Additionally, please refrain from bringing unannounced guests or pets to the shoot, as they may cause unnecessary interruptions.

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